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Eclipses during the period 2001-2010-Maps

Murpfys' laws according to Bulgaria

Subary 8,2m telescope

Astrophotos by Bob Fera

NASA's gallery with over 500000 photos

All about our Sun-eclipses, photos, statistics...

The best of Hubble Space Telescope

Views from the Solar system

Lectures from the University og Tennesy

A tour through the Solar system.

Legends of the stars

The official site of The Royal Observatory of Greenwich

The official site of NASA

All about the commets

Ask the Astronomer!!!Over 3001 questions and answers...

The most curious NGS objects

The Messier katalogye with photos

International Astronomical Youth Camp

The 26 closest and brightest stars.Names

Solar folklore

The search for little green men starts here

Solar Observatory in Space

Virtual telescope

The Leonids- news, gallery...

Other links

Astronews by E-mail (French)

News by E-mail (English)

This is the place where Hubble results are published

More for the eclipses

Interactive astronomy textbook

Photos of Hale-Bop

International Astronomical Union

European South Observatory

Smithsonian Astronomical Observatory

The Solar activity during the period 1818-nawadays by the Belgian Royal Observatory

Gallery of the Arval Observatory

Gallery of the Astroinstitut of Bonn

Site of the American Meteor Society

A detailed data

More about The Milky Way

"Astronomy"- magasine(news,catalogues,photos...

"Sky and Telescope"-news, archives, links...


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